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We are specialized in retrofit of plastic CPC Quick Disconnects with chrome-plated brass Quick Connects of Colder Products Company. The different motorcycle manufacturers starting with BMW, Triumph, KTM going to the Italians like Aprilia, Ducati or MV Augusta prefer plastic couplings to save weight. Quick Disconnects in chrome-plated brass are a little heavier e.g. a body with a thread weighs approx. 10 Gram in comparison to the same style body in chrome-plated brass weighing approx. 30 Gram.


A motorbike is the best test stand in the world as all possible external influences may have an impact on the Quick Disconnects:
Weather = temperature differences,
dirt from the road = chemicals, organic or inorganic connections or
detergents to maintain your motorcycle = Shampoo, chrome care or lubricants with solvents.


The greatest threat to break a plastic coupling is when you need to disconnect e.g. for service purposes. Many times the O-Ring of the insert used in your coupling pair will swell due to the influences described above and a disconnection is difficult. The clip groove of the coupling insert where the metal clip of the body will hold the two coupling parts together is the most critical position with the insert. The wall section is very thin and prone to breakage. The chrome-plated brass insert’s wall section is very thin too but metal will deal better with mechanical load forces than plastic.


Service plans of motorcycle manufacturers for their service stations contain instructions to change O-Ring seals of the insert during each inspection. This minor cost may endure the lifetime of your coupling connection enormously.
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